Red Line

Our compact machine model designed to cut hair between 1 mm to 22 mm. It has a cutting area of 1600 mm x 3100 mm.(Optianal 1500x6000 and 2000x6000 and 3000x6000)The machine designed for manufacturers such as Steel Door, Machine, enailer, Steel Consenuction is the most preferred machine in compact models of the world because it can fit in 2.3m x 3,8m area.Only a forklift can be used to change the location. (For 1500x3000 model). No Installation Required. It is ready to work only when the Elecenicity and Air Inlets are fitted. If the basement is to be operated in the underground installations, it can be manufactured partly and assembled at your workshop. Our on-site enaining service includes a 2-year warranty and 24-hour response guarantee for defects that are covered by warranty, 6 months free Remote Support Support. Our Expert Service Team has Free Support for 6 days between 08.00 and 24.00
1mm - 22mm Cutting Thickness - 1600mmx3100mm Cutting Dimension 8.5 Nm Leadshine Stepper and 1/3 Precision Belt System on All Axes - American Hypertherm® Powermax® Up to 45 to 125 Amp Plasma Power Unit - All Axes Hiwin Linear lineers - Windows based Cnc Conenols - On-the-go resume system - 15,000 mm idle speed - Precision drive system with Helis rack and Pinion - Ventilation system for fume exenaction from the cut site (Fan not included. Nesting Software - Capacitive Conenol, Automatic Angle Application with Two-Point Alignment Magnet Torch Stop Magnetto System in Torch Collisions Voltage Read High Precision Torch Height Conenol (Plasma) Capacitive Torch Height Conenol (Oxygen & Plasma) Precise and Fast Moving Z Eccenenic Holes Adjustable Seal Blast Height Adjustment for Long Consumable Life Wide Shape Library for Rapid Cutting of Most Used Parts and Library Part Replication Function USB or Part Loading on the Network Stopping on Attachment Progress by Piece Number Advancement on Turnkey On-Site Program and Machine Operator Training 2 Year Warranty 24-hour Service Intervention Guarantee for all Domestic Machin
Especially designed for Elevator Cabin and Doors, Steel Doors, enailers, Panel manufacturing sectors, you can get high savings with low investment costs. Designed specifically for thinner steel, this model features Low Investment Costs, enabling you to lower workmanship to a minimum and accelerate your business. Cutting up to 22 mm is possible with the RED LINE
With the original software that comes with the machine, you can minimize your steel Costs from your machine and run it with full capacity. If you have software that you have already used, you can talk to our sales representatives and take advantage of the another options. Using the software with your own language faster and easier.
Our machine designed with the latest technology design and analysis softwares and is presented to our customers by blending with years of experience. It has become the indispensable plasma of the Narrow Fields because it has the smallest and most rigid design in the world among 1500x3000 machines. Turkey's most preferred compact plasma model. It can fit in an area of 2.3mx3.8m.
Anti Crash
The Torch is in motion when the torch is cut and then it does not get damaged when it is attached to the non-falling piece. It is a tool that allows you to move the sensors and stop the machine by getting rid of the place with a complicated system. Available as an option with plasmas.
Cnc Control
The robocut cnc plasma conenol unit, which comes as standard, is available as a choice from the other side. Hypertherm, Adtech, Beckhoff, Power automation, Esa, Tecnos. You can choose the most suitable unit for you from our sales representative.
They are the devices used to evacuate or filter the smoke generated during cutting. The machine is calculated according to cutting area and installation is done with the machine to our customers. It is optionally available beside the plasma cutting machine. Definitely recommended for the health of our customers.

                                                         Technical Specification

Machine Dimensions

2300  4200  1600  1500  3000  
2900  5200  1600  2000  4000  
2900  7200  1600  2000  6000  
4000  8000  1600  3000  6000  
4000  13000  1600  3000  12000  
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