Plus Convection Ovens (Electric)

Pre order Plus Convection Ovens (Electric) Ovens
Plus Convection Ovens (Electric)

- 7 inch touch screen LCD control panel.
- Illustrated food menu upload option through external memory.
- 99 different kind of programme upload options.
- Food name defining option through touch screen.
- Manual and periodic steamer.
- User manuel accessibility through touch screen.
- Adjustable cooking time.
- Adjustable cooking temperature between 0° C- 300° C
- Safety thermostat for overheating protection (360° C).
- PID system provide sensitive heating (SSR relay)
- Retractable shower.
- 2 speed stainless steel fan.
- Dual direction fan provides homogenous heat distribution.
- Silicone sealed tempered glass.
- Easy-access interior glass in order to provide  cleanning.
- Door switch system.
- Stainless steel body.


- Thermostatic heating control setting.
- Digital controlled cooking time and temperature.
- Dual direction fan provides homogenous heat distribution.
- Manuel steamer.
- Silicone sealed tempered glass.
- Switch system on the door.
- Stainless steel body.

CodeDescriptionDimensions mmWeight
EMP.EKF-6Convection Oven - Electrical800x855x700850.479 Kw - 380 V6 GN-1/1
EMP.EKF-10Plus  Convection Ovens - Electrical1000x1000x11001351.115 Kw 380 V 3-50 Hz10 GN-1/1
EMP.EKF-20Plus  Convection Ovens - Electrical1120x1070x15001301.325 Kw 380 V 3-50 Hz20 GN-1/1 / 10 GN-2/1
EMP.AS-10EMP.PLS-E.10 Bottom Stand1060x910x640280.61  
EMP.AS-20EMP.PLS-E.20 Bottom Stand1180x980x640320.74  
EMP.ASK-6EMP.EKF-6 Bottom Stand865x815x850240.60
  • Product Code: EMP.EKF-6/10/20 - EMP.AS-10/20 - EMP.ASK-6
  • Availability: Pre order
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