3.1 Automatic Laying Brick Machine

Pre order 3.1 Automatic Laying Brick Machine BRIQUETTE PRODUCTION MACHINES
 Control System  Fully Automatic Hydraulic Tank 60 Lt
 Engine Quantity  4 Pieces Hydraulic Pressure 50 Bar
 Total Engine Power  4 Kw Total Weight 630 Kg
 Vibration Quantity  Double Vibro Engine External Measurements 165 x 115 x h : 110 cm
 Vibration Power    2 x 450 Kg Electrical Cable (Socket) 50 mt
 Vibration Cycle Time  20 Second Personnel Number (For  Production) 4 Person
 Compress Type

  Torsion(Compressing With Spring)

 Production Area  (Recommended) 480 m² (12x40 mt)
 Produced Products  18 - 20 cm Height Agrega (Recommended)    5 mm

 Hollow Block 100 X 400 X 200 5 4.700
 Hollow Block 150 X 400 X 200 4 3.750
 Hollow Block 200 X 400 X 200 4 3.750
 Hollow Block 300 X 400 X 200 2 1.900
Designed to work 24 hours. It has high productıon capacity with less employee. All kinds of spare parts can be found easily. Electric consumption is minimum level. Can be moved and installed easily. Low noise with silent engine pumps. It does not require technical assistance for installation. Smooth surface through producing with fine aggregate. Getting with the pre-prepared mortar, can produce  any kind of Blocks-Asmolen-Straphored Brick And Garden Borders which are loaded on its. Daily capacity ( 8 Hours ) 2.750 Pieces Hollow Block.
The price of the campaign is prepared as complete plant  “Turnkey Project”. Except process of concrete there is no extra equipment needed. For a plant with these features the recommended installation , curing – drying and stock area is minimum  1,000 m². There is no obligation for roofing. The prepared concrete floor should be minimum 1/2 of the plant area.
Equipments specified in our campaign are as advisory and are stated by the sample installation layout. You can add or remove items from the list.

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